Asset Management Condominiums

A new style of assured asset management.

Leasing condominiums you have purchased is a way to secure a stable rental income. In the current age of zero rates of interest, the demand for asset management condominiums is on the increase as a way to ensure income for the future or to relieve inheritance tax. The condominium business is now one of our areas of focus, and we are proceeding with planning and development of asset management condominiums centered on the one-room type for which demand is so high in urban areas. We seek to provide asset management condominiums that will satisfy not only their owners but also the people living in them, taking advantage right from the planning and land acquisition stages of all the knowhow we have acquired in our pursuit of "housing with value." We also seek to be a one-stop company for supporting the owner’s asset management, providing a unified management service.


  • Fellcruel-Tabata-Renaissance-Coat Arakawa Ward Tokyo
  • Maro-Nishikawaguchi-Renaissance-Coat Kawaguchi City Saitama
  • Renaissance-Coat Sangenchaya Setagaya Ward Tokyo
  • AXAS Kamikitazawa-Renaissance-Coat Suginami Ward Tokyo