Offering additional value through the provision of a total service.

We handle the planning, development and retail of our Renaissance Mansion series of unit sale condominiums that seek to set the standard for next-generation multi-family housing.
Right from the planning and land buying stages we seek to provide additional value through maximized usage of the environment.
Under the motto of "going the extra mile for our customers ," based on surveys we conduct our development supervisor meets in person with the owner of the land, establishing a system that allows for quick and agreeable progress.
Furthermore, we seek to be our client’s one-stop solution for a high quality total service that meets all the varied needs of condominium living, including planning, land acquisition, design, construction, retail, handover, building management and after-sales service.

  • 1Planning and Land Acquisition
  • 2Design and Construction
  • 3Retail and Handover
  • 4Building Management
    After-sales Service
  • Family Condominiums

    For rich and relaxed family living.

    We have risen to the challenge of creating the standard for next-generation multi-family housing, places where families can enjoy a rich and relaxed lifestyle.
    This ideal held by SHIN-NIHON TATEMONO is epitomized by our Renaissance series of unit sale condominiums.
    As part of the Renaissance Mansion series, a whole range of details are carefully reflected in our designs, including the composition and life stage of the families living there, the balance between privacy and community, and concerns about safety, reliability, the environment and energy that extend into the future. It is our intent to allow the families living here to enjoy a bright and laidback lifestyle. For example, in regard to safety concerns, we include not only such mandatory features as earthquake proofing and barrier-free access, but also provide security systems such as interphones with a camera and crime-prevention sensors on all points of entry. Meanwhile, in regard to the environment and energy, we make use of all-electric systems and electric boilers such as EcoCute. Plumbing has also been given a complete overhaul, with all faucets connected to a water purification system, sinks with reduced water noise, low floor unit baths and slim tank toilets. Our intent to provide a "healing" space is rounded with verdant green views from a wide balcony, which also provides enough space to flex your own green thumb.

  • Compact Condominiums

    The perfect space for your urban adult life.

    Changes in family composition and lifestyles in general have led to an increase in demand for compact condominiums in the range of one to two bedrooms with living room, dining and kitchen.
    Compact condominiums require very little space, meaning they can be provided in excellent urban locations close to train stations, and they have been gathering much attention from singles, DINKs, and even older couples who have finished raising their children and are now heading into the next stage of their lives. We are now positioning these compact condominiums as one area of focus for our efforts, enhancing our development and retail resources and creating new value for living in the city.

SHIN-NIHON TATEMONO sold "Renaissance form Chofu-Kokuryo”as the first development and retail mansion in 1996.
After that we have developed over 100 buildings.


  • Laviedoll-Kameido
    Koto Ward Tokyo
  • Renaissance-Hachioji-Terrace
    Hachioji City Tokyo
  • Renaissance-Arena-Inage
    Chiba City Chiba
  • Renaissance-futakotamagawa
    Setagaya Ward Tokyo
  • Renaissance-fujimino-keyaki-dori
    Fujimino City Tokyo
  • Renaissance-City-Kawaguchi-Namiki-Residence
    Kawaguchi City Saitama