To create new value in the fields of housing and real estate, and to contribute to the happiness of everyone involved with them.
We believe this to be the goal of the work performed by SHIN-NIHON TATEMONO, and the reason for our existence as a unified real estate developer.

Aiding in making lifestyle dreams come true, so that the people living there will think "I' m glad I chose this house."
Offering professional support, so that the landowners can say "I' m counting on you " from the heart.
The creation of win-win relationships, allowing us to share our passion and its results with all of our clients.
Not to mention work that allows us to experience the joy of meaningful, gainful employment.

Indeed, with a philosophy of contribution to all stakeholders in our hearts, we seek not only to pursue an advanced level of information, but also to become an intimate part of the regions in which we are involved, visiting worksites under the principle of "putting in the boot work" and taking onboard the comments and feelings of each and every individual with true sincerity. We seek to take the seeds of empathy formed through face-to-face communication and carefully nurture them, helping them to bloom into new value.

Regardless of how the times or our business changes, our intent to create value for people and for happiness will never change.
At SHIN-NIHON TATEMONO we will hope to continue to share with you the creation of the rich lifestyle of the future, and the story of appealing communities and appealing towns.

Corporate Identity

"Imagine the future, Value the past"

The SHIN-NIHON TATEMONO corporate philosophy is represented by the phrase "change and commitment." We believe we must be fast and flexible in changing our strategies to reflect evolving customer needs and circumstances, while holding fast to our unchanging commitment to always offer high-quality, highly satisfactory residences. We seek to achieve satisfaction from four different stakeholders - our customers, shareholders, business partners, and employees - while maintaining a balanced relationship with each.