Message from President

As a unified developer "creating something from nothing,"
we pursue those things that should change and those that should not.

It is a given that all markets are always changing with the times.
Changes in the real estate market, in particular, are becoming especially rapid and severe. If one waits until these changes become apparent in the wider world then it is already too late to catch up with them.
Furthermore, as globalization continues apace, we are also entering an age that requires an awareness of the position of the Japanese real estate market on the global stage.
Faced with these changes, it is my belief that a company purely trying to maintain their current situation is in the very moment of that action also starting down the path of their decline.
Taking "change and commitment" as our corporate philosophy, for those things that change and those that do not, we adopt a stance of facing the changes in real estate head-on, selecting those things that we may change ourselves while continuing the challenge of creating new value that meets with the needs of the times.
Following this path, we have now widely expanded our areas of business, centered on residential housing, condominiums and real estate solutions. This is all backed by land acquisition knowhow based on more than 40 years of experience, our own unique marketing, and our business strength as real estate professionals.
We also face new challenges. The declining birthrate and changes in lifestyles are creating an increased demand for asset management-style one room condominiums and the asset management condominium business. Our fundamental approach to these areas is already achieving results.
We should all have more confidence globally in Japanese real estate, which allows everyone to lead a relaxed and comfortable life. With this confidence in hand, we will continue to search for new challenges to promote our further growth and, as a unified developer "creating something from nothing," we will continue to meet your expectations.

President and Chief Executive Officer Tomohiko Ikeda