• This website in general

    This website may be suspended, canceled, or altered without notice. Normal use may also not be permitted because of the telecommunications environment, the condition of your computer, or other reasons. Please note that our Company will not be held liable for any trouble, loss, or damage resulting from these situations.

  • IR information

    IR information posted on the website is intended for the purpose of offering information on our Company’s businesses, account settlement, and other matters to a wide range of investors, but the Company makes no guarantees of any kind with respect to the content. Similarly, the website is not intended for soliciting investment and investors should not rely solely on the information contained on this website for their investment decisions, but are recommended to seek independent advice.
    Also, the Company can accept no liability whatsoever for any damages that result from any errors present in the information posted or from tampering, downloading, and other handling of the data by a third party.

  • Future prospects of our business outcomes

    Information on business plans, forecasts on business outcomes, business strategies, and other information relating to the future that is contained within the website reflects judgments by officers of the Company that were made based on information currently available. Therefore, please note that business outcomes and progress in business strategies could vary from forecasts if the business environment has changed.

  • Silent period

    Our Company has set the period from the day after book closing to the day of the earnings announcement as a silent period to prevent the unauthorized disclosure of account settlement information and to ensure fairness. During the period, we will refrain from responding to any questions regarding the accounts and from making comments. However, if the Company believes during the silent period that there is the potential for a significant deviation from forecast business outcomes, it will make announcements as appropriate and pursuant to its disclosure rules.