Real Estate Solutions

Proposing solutions that foster further value as we "create something from nothing."

We offer a value creation solution business that seeks to "create something from nothing", accurately detecting the business needs of general investors and the asset management needs of land owners and making extensive and skillful use of our functionality as a unified real estate developer.

  • Increasing Real Estate Income

    Maximizing the potential of real estate.

    SHIN-NIHON TATEMONO proactively acquires even income based real estate that has seen a fall in asset value and profitability, or real estate that faces complicated rights issues.
    We use our unique knowhow to increase their profitability, maximizing the potential of that real estate before again providing it to the market.
    We have also created a one-stop system that handles everything from purchase of the building to increasing its value and then managing it long-term, providing support for reliable asset management that increases the value of real estate.

  • Land Development for Business Purposes (land for condominiums etc.)

    Bringing new value to real estate.

    We bring new value to real estate and provide it to companies with a need for it, using our unique information network established though many years in the real estate business and our planning and proposal power that have been developed through our condominium and residential housing businesses.