Group Company

The SHIN-NIHON TATEMONO group is responsible for a wide range of activities in relation to real estate. Provision of condominiums and detached housing, management of condominiums and apartments, and the retail, import and export of construction materials are just some of the fields our group is involved in.

  • SN Community Co., Ltd.

    Beyond just real estate management, we aim to provide management that increases the asset value of real estate.
    It goes without saying that management which includes cleaning, maintenance, and consultation with residents or users is absolutely vital, but through taking advantage of the rich experience that SHIN-NIHON TATEMONO possesses in regard to condominiums and our know-how obtained from the planning and retail of office buildings and commercial facilities, we are also able to fully maximize the existing potential asset value of real estate. We also support stable lease management for property owners through our sub-leasing business.