Asset Management Apartments

Obtain highly satisfactory apartment management.

Taking advantage of the housing creation based on "comfort of living" that we have developed in the stand-alone residential market, we also propose the Renacourt series of asset management apartments. The Renacourt series is an asset management product of newly constructed wooden apartments that seek to provide capital and income to the owners and comfort to those who live there. Our basic plan of 6 - 10 rooms per block on land from around 132 square meters keeps investment costs down while providing high yield and high occupancy rates, allowing for highly satisfactory apartment management.
We provide long-term support for owners, from planning and design to construction, handover, operational consulting, after-sales maintenance from the perspective of those living there and management duties. This all allows our client’s precious assets to be put to even better use.


  • Renacoat Gotanno-Minami Adachi Ward Tokyo
  • Renacoat Ohanachaya Katsushika Ward Tokyo
  • Renacoat Senjuohashi Adachi Ward Tokyo
  • Renacoat Kunitachiyagawa Kunitachi City Tokyo