Other Businesses

We provide a total service in relation to real estate.

specialists, we provide a total service that can respond in detail to the rapid diversification of our customers' needs.

  • Condominium Management

    Through our group company SN Community we provide a unified management service for condominiums. We provide support for all areas of business vital to condominium management, from office and homeowner association management to reception duties, cleaning duties, facility inspections and support for emergencies. We also provide consulting for the large scale improvement of condominium homeowner associations.

  • Sub-leasing

    SN Community, one of our group companies, leases condominiums or apartments belonging to the owner under a single contract and then sub-leases them to other tenants. This supports stable lease management by providing a guaranteed, fixed income to the property owner.

  • Renovations

    We can take an existing building and renovate it to meet with the changes of the times, increasing its value by transforming it into a highly profitable building. These renovation proposals can greatly contribute to the satisfaction of those living in the building and those who own it, as well as providing maintenance and enhancement of asset value.

  • Construction contracting

    Based on a high level of construction technology and a responsible construction management system, we conduct all construction work with the utmost integrity. We can be reliably trusted to handle all construction projects, including detached housing, apartments and condominiums, and commercial facilities.

  • Consulting

    Taking advantage of our rich knowledge in regard to ways to make use of land and buildings, we can provide consulting for all kinds of real estate matters, including asset management, inheritance and taxes.