About Us

What we haven't changed since our establishment in 1975 is to provide the real value residences to our customers.
SHIN-NIHON TATEMONO will continue to devise and carry out strategies to suit the times, and offer residential houses with genuine value to customers as well as solutions for optimal living environments.

  • Message from President

    As a unified developer
    "creating something from nothing"

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  • Corporate Identity

    Our corporate identity is
    "Imagine the future, Value the past"

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  • Our Business

    We develop and retail building.

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  • Corporate Profile

    You can find information such as our head office location, telephone number and license number.

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  • History

    Our history since establishment until the present

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  • Group Company

    Our group companies are "SN Community", "TN Estate" and "Shin-Nihon-Shoji"

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  • Directions to Head Office

    Access map to our head office

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